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You no longer have to create your own models whenever you want to print something. Thanks to the recent boom in the popularity of 3D printing, millions of models are uploaded to various sites by members of the community every day. In this article, we will list some of the most popular sites with downloadable 3D models.


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We specialize in industrial models. We’re happy to make complete 3D models of machines, devices, installation templates.. We can also make 3D models of buildings and parts using photos and dimensions supplied by customers. We’ll also ensure that any products we are tasked with prototyping will be suitable for mass production.

We support most 3D file formats, 2D sketches, scanned drawings with dimensions, photos of models etc.. If you send a file we can’t work with, we’ll get in touch and sort it out.

You can send your data using the quote system, or our chat. We accept 3D files, pictures, drawings, dimensions… The more information you give us the better. We’ll manufacture your parts and handle prototyping and product design. Further postprocessing like sanding and spraying is also available.

We’re able to print tiny objects and massive parts spanning multiple metres alike. We can insert metal supports or screws directly into prints. We print most available materials, starting with PLA all the way to hardcore materials like PEEK. We can make water soluble supports or multi material prints like carbon fiber infused prints or flexible rubber prints.

Not only do we 3D print models, we also offer CNC machining, laser cutting, water cutting, plexiglass manufacturing etc..