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3D Printing polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is one of the most common plastics overall. Packing products like clear tape, ready meal boxes etc.. are made from polypropylene. PP has excellent chemical resistance and endures higher temperatures than other foodsafe plastics. A huge con of PP is the printing, as it requires a special plate also made from PP, otherwise it will deform away from the print surface.


  • Chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Semi flexible


Thermal vicat softening temperature ISO 306 100 °C
heat deflection temperature ISO 75 100 °C
Mechanical tensile strength ISO 37 8 MPa
Physical Density ISO 1183/B 0,89 g/cm3
Hardness ISO 7619 41 Shore D
Melt Flow Index ISO 1133 6 g/10 min

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This post was written by Max Klimeš