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3D Printing Vinyl 303 (PVC)

You’re probably familiar with PVC in it’s many forms. 3D printed PVC is one of the best materials for industrial grade stressed mechanical parts.

Examples of use

  • Outdoor models
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanical parts enduring increased stress
  • Parts exposed to oil and salt mixtures


  • Chemical resistance (salt, oils etc..)
  • Firmness
  • Great mechanical properties
  • Impact resistance
  • Absorbs almost no moisture
  • Isolates electricity
  • Recyclable


  • Low temperature resistance


Thermal vicat softening temperature ISO 306 71°C
Mechanical Tensile strength 10-LA 049 6,1 MPa
Elongation at break 10-LA 049 13,1%
Hardness 10-LA 031

78 ShoreD

Physical Density ISO 1183/B 1,35g/cm3

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This post was written by Max Klimeš