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3D printing ABS

ABS is easily postprocessed and can endure quite hard mechanical stress. It’s properties are very similar to ASA, but it’s much harder to print, needs an enclosure for the printer and is susceptible to warping away from the print bed and between layers. Despite being a bit obsolete, ABS is still a great choice for parts that have to endure prolonged exposure to the elements.


  • Chemical resistance
  • Impact resistance


  • Susceptible to UV damage

Examples of use:


Thermal vicat softening temperature ISO 306 100 °C
heat deflection temperature ISO 75 97 °C
Mechanical impact strength ISO 179 20 kJ/m2
flexural modulus ISO 178 2000 MPa
Physical Density ISO 1183/B 1,08 g/cm3
Melt Flow Index ISO 1133 2 g/10 min

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