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3D tisk z ASA

ASA has many pros – great stress resistance, temperature resistance, extremely low deviations in dimensions when heated up and much more. Unlike ABS, ASA can rival PLA with it’s details, colours and overall looks. ASA can be used to print small details as well as endure relatively hard mechanical stress. If you want to print ABS, maybe consider ASA, as it’s properties are very similar to ABS, but it’s much easier to print and lasts longer.


  • Higher temperature resistance than common filaments
  • UV resistance


  • May deform away from the print surface

Examples of use

  • Outdoor use models
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanical parts with increased stress


Thermal vicat softening temperature ISO 306 96°C
heat deflection temperature (0,45 MPa) ISO 75 97 °C
Mechanical impact strength ISO 179 441J/m2
flexural modulus ISO 178


Physical Density ISO 1183/B 1,07g/cm3
Melt Flow Index ISO 1133 5 g/10 min

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