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Warranty and guarantee

Warranty period

The standard warranty period is two years starting upon order delivery. The warranty covers failure of the manufactured product in question when performing as intended by the customer when ordering from Sharplayers s.r.o. The warranty does not cover failure when the ordered model is performing in conditions that are not suitable for the material e.g. temperatures that are too low or too high, excess mechanical stress etc..  We highly reccomend thoroughly describing the intended use of your model, because it allows us to choose the perfect material and avoid failure.


Quality guarantee

Refunds apply to:

  • Problems with dimensional accuracy. Parts considered inaccurate have deviations outside of the range of accepted deviations (0.2 mm – FDM, 0.08mm – SLA) (Refunds because of dimensional accuracy are applicable within 4 weeks of order recieval)
  • QC problems (appearance problems) can be refunded withing 4 weeks of recieval.

If accepted, a full refund will be issued to the customer.

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